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About the Hollywood South Awards

In recognition of individual talent and commitment to the movie, theater, broadcasting, and voice-over industries 
in Louisiana and Mississippi - Hollywood South

The Hollywood South Awards were introduced by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation in 2013 as the NVT Awards, to provide recognition to individuals in Louisiana who had done more than just their job as a performer, but who had given to the performing community and the community as a whole, beyond the call of duty.

It should be noted that the inspiration for the Awards was the work of Susie Labry (pictured above, left), who was the recipient of the inaugural main award - The Star Performer Award - for the endless hours she has spent as an advocate for the movie industry in Louisiana, as well as being a prolific actor in her own right.

The Awards were renamed The Hollywood South Awards in 2015 to incorporate performers in both Louisiana and Mississippi, the region covered by the local Chapter of SAG-AFTRA and known as "Hollywood South". A new award is added each year as the ceremony develops, and the event became a bi-annual event in 2019, the year in which The NOLA Voice Talent celebrates its 10th year.

The Hollywood South Awards has become the most prestigious event in the movie industry in Louisiana and Mississippi, and has even won recognition from Hollywood, CA, the ceremony having been broadcast live worldwide on two occasions by a leading Hollywood internet radio station which has an average of over 15 million listeners worldwide

Last Time Around - Award Winners  2017

Star Performer Award: 
Casey Groves

Movie Actor Award:
Diana Boylston

Legends Award
Adella Gauthier and Carol Sutton
Junior Performer Award*: 
Hrilina Ramrakhiani

Voice Talent Award**: 
Ernest Robertson Jnr

NVT Cast Award: 
Jack Quarles

NVT Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award:
Ellen Johnson

*Sponsored by Actors Choice Talent Agency. Denham Springs, LA. and MTA Agency, New Orleans.
**Sponsored by NOVA:The New Orleans Voice Agency, New Orleans, LA. and Biloxi, MS.

Background Actor/Extra Award