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ZOOM INTO BEDFORD FALLS - Re-broadcast via Zoom

"It's a Wonderful Life" 12th Annual Benefit Radio-play

Re-mixed and re-broadcast worldwide via Zoom.

SUNDAY JANUARY 24th 2021 - 1pm and 7pm USA Central Time (7pm Jan 24th and 1am Jan25th, GMT)

Presented by Gulf Coast Nights Radio Theatre, part of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation 

Following a sell-out LIVE broadcast via Zoom on December 12th, this season's Annual Benefit Radio-play of "It's a Wonderful Life" will be broadcast WORLDWIDE, edited and remixed to include music and sound effects - and to help in raising additional donations. (For legal reasons we are unable to broadcast in video.)

Monies raised from this season's production will go to non-profit organizations supporting regeneration along the Gulf Coast in the wake of hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta. Click here for full story and links.


December 14th 2020
The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation broke new ground this weekend with a hugely successful broadcast of "It's a Wonderful Life" as a radio-play via Zoom.

The production is believed to be the FIRST-EVER Zoom broadcast of the radio-play in the history of popular movie, with each of the cast performing remotely from their own home while the audience also watched from their homes - helping to put Hollywood South at the forefront of innovation in the wake of the current pandemic.

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October 13th 2020

Ticket sales from this year's production of "It's a Wonderful Life" - the 12th such annual benefit radio-play production from NOLA Voice Talent and the first to be produced via Zoom -  will be divided equally between The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation  and funds for hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta rehabilitation; while ALL DONATIONS from the broadcast will go to hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta regeneration.

The production will be broadcast live WORLDWIDE on SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th 2020 (7.00pm USA Central Time). "Wonderful Life" Family Viewing Parties are being organized by fans around the world to enjoy this WONDERFUL production and to help raise additional donations. So book now and organize YOUR Family Viewing Party NOW, via or direct via

Viewing tickets are only $10.00 each and you may have as many viewers as you wish in your family viewing party. Ticket sales will be divided equally between The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation and funds for hurricanes Laura and Delta rehabilitation; while ALL DONATIONS will go to hurricanes Laura and Delta regeneration - so please also also make generous donations, via, marking your donation "Laura/Delta".

NOLA Voice Talent breaks new ground in radio-play productions as we Zoom into Bedford Falls!

After no fewer than ELEVEN hugely-successful annual on-stage productions of "It's a Wonderful Life", The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation (NVT) have become production pioneers with the first table reading via Zoom of their ground-breaking online production program.

On Monday evening, October 5th, this year's newly-cast troupe gathered from their respective homes led by Director George Trahanis for an amazing first read-through of the script using the online technology of Zoom.

"We encountered a couple of glitches this first time around," remarked British producer Stephen James, who also plays the role of Clarence. He continued: "Lag and feedback appeared to be the biggest challenges, but the cast coped well and we have a couple of months of weekly rehearsals yet in which to iron out the glitches. After all, that's what rehearsals are for."

Stephen added that NVT's annual benefit production program provides both experienced and novice actors with the opportunity to participate in a radio-play production under the auspices of an experienced director - many of the actors for the very first time and in a medium they may not previously have considered. Now, with the advent of technology, we are able to provide this and other programs worldwide.

Viewing tickets for the this year's NOLA Voice Talent production of "It's a Wonderful Life" - to be beamed via Zoom LIVE WORLDWIDE on Saturday December 12th (7.00pm USA Central Time) - are already being snapped up, and IAWL parties to watch the broadcast, with people dressed in 40s fashions, are already being arranged across the country and around the world.

Details and booking at…/602…/zoom-into-bedford-falls

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In-person workshops throughout 2019 and and 2020 have been sell-outs. And now, via Zoom at a reduced rate, even more people are hurrying to reserve their spaces - from even as far afield as England, UK! 

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